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50 consecutive years completing thousands of homes, historic buildings, churches, condo complexes and commercial buildings.

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50 consecutive years!

Thousands of exterior painting projects completed in CT

Including historic buildings, churches, condo complexes and commercial buildings.


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Looking for an exterior painting company you can count on? Now approaching 50 consecutive years completing thousands of homes, historic buildings, churches, condo complexes and commercial buildings, the Charters have picked up some important tips along the way. What influences does a well designed “coating system” have on your home? From an aesthetic and maintenance perspective, having the satisfaction of your home appearing attractive and knowing it’s cared for means a great deal! There is “peace of mind” in maximizing your home’s value, while protecting your substantial investment.

Our Exterior Services Include:

Painting of Wood, Aluminum, Vinyl, Metals, Iron, Steel, Stucco and Concrete
Paint/Stain….preparation and coating review, all detailed in a MENU format.
Power washing…. Cleaning dirt, mold,mildew and surface contaminants.
Preparation specialists
Potentials providing wood solutions
Proactive levels maintaining your woods’ integrity
Full carpentry team…. Initial inspection, analyzing areas of decay. Review, in outline form, any scope of wood changes.
Caulking , Window glazing/ putty
Decking….Cleaning, deck staining, and deck replacement
Stripping procedures available when conforming with State and Federal guidelines


A.  What paint coating(s) are presently protecting your homes wood exterior?
B.  How successful has “your coating system” performed in protecting your wood from     harsh exterior elements?
C.  If paint problem(s) are present, how did it get that way?
D.  What are the problem(s) to be fixed?
E.  Do you know your objective(s), after considering the time you intend to remain at your home? How should that influence the level of care, while protecting your exterior? (Present and Future)

Answers to these above questions can vary based on homeowners individual priorities. What does not vary is how the WOOD responds to its level of care.

Jim Charter has been involved in promoting “problem solving workshops”.

When providing estimates, our approach is to begin by reviewing specific problems with homeowner. After review we explain potential possibilities which homeowner can then choose from. From there we are able to forecast expectations and explain costs. This information helps you in making an informed decision.

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