Charter Painting

Frequently Asked


How long have you been in business?

Charter Painting was found by Jim Charter in 1969. We have been in business for almost 50 years.

What types of services do you offer?

We offer aluminum siding painting, carpentry services, hardwood floor installation and refinishing, exterior painting services, and interior painting services.


Can you paint aluminum siding?

Since 1973, Charter Painting pioneered the aluminum siding painting and re-coating process in Connecticut. We are Connecticut’s most experienced aluminum siding painting and re-coating team. We provide specialized crews with extensive experience in the re-coating of aluminum siding. We have over 2,200 success stories on aluminum sided homes in over 50 Connecticut towns in the last 50 years.

Does aluminum siding paint come in a variety of colors?

Aluminum siding paint comes in over 1,000 different colors. With so many to choose from, you can pick the color that matches your taste and style!


What areas do you serve?

For 50 years we have served Manchester, Vernon, West Hartford, South Windsor, Windsor, Glastonbury, and other central Connecticut areas as the most sought out painting contractor.


Are you a licensed painting contractor?

Yes, Charter painting is a licensed painting contractor in Connecticut.


Is it expensive to paint aluminum siding?

Painting aluminum siding is approximately 1/4 the cost of siding replacement.


Do paint coatings offer protection for your homes wood?

Protective coatings (stain and paint) were intended to maintain your exterior wood. Proper planning and execution, from a recommended “coating system” slowed the woods “aging cycle”. Any wood surface that failed to receive needed coating protection found the beauty and wood integrity compromised.