About Us

When our founder Jim Charter first began Charter Painting and Restoration in 1969, his vision was simple: to build a family-owned business with top-notch team players and committed to unparalleled customer service. Although some things have changed in the almost 50 years Charter Painting has existed, our mission remains the same.

Over the years, the Charter family has grown to include our long-time painters and loyal customers, both segments of equal importance that form the backbone of our company. Our painters are all experienced professionals who specialize in quality services.

Any good relationship is based on trust and the relationship we form with our customers is no different. Our customers can have confidence that we budget for each project as if we were opening our own wallet. Our guided process ensures you know every option available to you along with a detailed breakdown of the cost to help you decide exactly what you need.

The proof is in our work: personalized, professional painting completed with minimal intrusion on your daily life so you can get back to enjoying your freshly-painted home! We feel so strongly about our commitment to our craft that we do not accept payment until the project is completed the Charter way: on time, on budget and with your confirmation that we delivered what was promised.