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After 50 years completing over 7300 fine private homes, dozens of churches & museums, commercial buildings and large condo complexes, Charter Painting & Restoration has picked up some paint problem solving knowledge along the way.
One in three projects we encounter require some degree of decay remedied, prior to painting. We have been referred as a one stop shop.
What should consumers expect from Charter Painting & Restoration?
  • We establish with consumer a set specific day/time for appointment.
  • We evaluate your specific questions, needs and requirements.
  • We pride ourselves at informing you about your possibilities.
  • We forecast expectations outlining your possibilities.
  • We detail written estimates
  • No payment until completion
  • We offer long lists of past clients
  • Aluminum & Vinyl Painting
  • Museums & Churches (Recent example of interior and exterior painting/carpentry at Christ the King Church in Wethersfield ,Ct.)


Christ the King Church, Wethersfield CT

While using a drone reflecting the scope, it took several of our crews performing this project in a limited timeline. The exterior windows, aluminum trim and tower/steeple was the simpler task. The interior sanctuary, alter, changing rooms, narthex, confessionals, pews relocated & refinished & reinstalled , choir loft and several of our carpenters all work together to meet the church trustees needs. Each of the 57 pews (18) feet long needed to be relocated for refinishing, allowing new flooring to be installed. The coordination with other contractors, committee members all in a limited timeline required efficiency and planning. Our gratification came from meeting our objective. We felt honored and privileged to of been included with such an undertaking.
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