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Wood replacement became a frequent concern in Charter Painting & Restoration
job operations. Protective coatings (stain & paint) were intended to maintain your exterior wood. Proper planning and execution, from a recommended “coating system” slowed the woods “aging cycle.” Any wood surface that failed to receive needed coating protecting found the beauty and wood integrity compromised.

Jim Charter has known and respected his lead carpenter, James Grady, since his grade school days. Our present connection (merging paint with carpentry) has linked our service to a “ONE STOP SHOP”.

Our Carpentry Services Include:

All forms of trim replacement (interior & exterior)
Cabinet and mill work created
Doors – Windows
Aluminum trim & Vinyl installed
Shingles & Clapboard installed & replaced
Full carpentry team…. Initial inspection, analyzing areas of decay. Review, in outline form, any scope of wood changes.
Caulking, Window glazing/ putty
Decking….Cleaning, deck staining, and deck replacement


Many homeowners are selling soon. Others are creating long term plans. From the owners point of view, the approach is often considered differently. The budget becomes a focus. What to improve? How much or how little will be accomplished? Who will be able to perform the needed tasks?

After a lifetime of analyzing multiple forms of home wood decay, carpentry added to our painting offers a “combined vision” to structures requiring more than paint alone.


A Quality Carpentry Company Serving CT for 50 Years!